The Virtual Hub is Growing

Every week we hold our virtual social hub and the numbers are growing all the time. We hope to increase the number of sessions now people are getting used to the idea. Using Zoom is quite easy once you know how it works, but being brave enough to come on line for the first time is very hard. Congratulations to some of the new members who join us each week and then keep coming back for more. Its lovely to see you.

Below is a summary of what happened at our virtual hub this week, so read on and enjoy. Remember, our hubs are about creating a safe space for our participants to socialise, interact, confide, support, share, listen or just observe. Its non-judgemental and we try to make it welcoming.

Its not easy to see who’s who when you have to guess who the baby was!

The virtual social hub was very popular and great fun for participants this week – 20th May.  Sixteen people attended the hub online, and amidst a lot of laughter we tried to identify who everyone was from their baby picture!  It was really hard with some, and scarily easily with others but it was a great conversation point.  We also did an online draw for members to be allocated a category to provide 5 questions for next week’s online quiz! 

Everyone seems to be looking forward to doing this, so heads down this week everyone, to make sure you are prepped and ready to get the highest score in categories ranging from general knowledge through to sport, celebrities, soaps, and natural history.

We also took some time to reflect on how people are feeling at the moment, and to reassure each other that lockdown affects us all in different ways at different times, and that there is no right or wrong way to be. We discussed ways people may improve their sleep pattern, with suggestions and tips being offered by everyone. Members said how important having the hub is for them, and some have told us its the bright spot in their week.

Virtual Hub 20/05/2020

Virtual Hub Silly Hats Week! 06/05/2020

If you haven’t already, and would like to join us next week, sign up here or contact Val or David.


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