Our Wednesday Virtual Workshop with BCB was brilliant again

The BCB team have put more information about the work they have been doing in partnership with Stoke Recovery and Starfish Social Hub on their website which can be accessed here.

Notice: An extra session will run Wednesday 13th May at 1.30 pm and any Social Hub member is welcome to join this by contacting Val or David from the Social Hub who will arrange for an invitation to be sent to join the google hangout.  All people need to have is a pen or pencil and piece of paper to take part

Our participants from the Connecting Choices Project Wearehere and Starfish Social Hub are taking part in a virtual online creative workshop with Sarah Fraser from BCB (British Ceramics Biennial) based at Spode. The workshops happen each Wednesday and the results of the workshop will be posted below for you to enjoy each week.

This week, 22nd April, the members shared some amazing art with sticks and mud! (Also see work from Session 1).

Yes, they collected soil, sticks whilst out taking their daily exercise, and added some water to make mud and then drew with the sticks using the mud as their medium. Some very interesting results and some secret talents in the room.

Feedback after the session, which is supporting people in recovery from mental health issues, addiction and social anxiety, found people describing how they were able to lose themselves in the session and feel a sense of achievement. In social isolation its clear that having sessions like this to look forward to each week with a professional artist guiding them, is a very valuable resource for our members. Thank you again to BCB British Ceramics Biennial for your amazing support. We will display some of the pieces here as members submit them.

If we have whetted your appetite and you want to join us via Google Hangouts get in touch with Val at Social Hub today and we will help you through the process and provide you with the link to the session at 1.30pm tomorrow (Wed). Hope to see you there!

Materials we will be working with this week 22 April

British Ceramics Biennial Workshop Galleries

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


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