Participants’ Artwork


Art Exercises

Participants’ Artwork

Here you will find a gallery for artwork submitted by Connecting Choices Participants.

British Ceramics Biennial Workshop

We are very lucky to have been involved with the British Ceramics Biennial team who have supported our participants in joining numerous clay workshops in the Social Hubs but also down at the Spode Factory site over recent months. Since lockdown, we have participated in Virtual Workshops where our participants have worked alongside Sarah Fraser to explore drawing techniques to support mindfulness. These weekly session have enabled our participants, and those from Stoke Recovery Service, to opt out of their lives for an hour and focus on some very simple creative tasks which they have then shared with others. Feedback has been so positive about the simplicity of the action enabling focus and concentration which in turn gives relief from the stresses of life in lockdown. Below are some examples of the exercises completed. Resources could all be found in the home or on daily exercise walks and so it has really been accessible for all

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4