Connecting Choices Employability Support

Saltbox participant 1

This participant had previous history of substance misuse with mental health issues. He attended the Social Hub, where he found out about the project.

The prospect of soon becoming homeless and with his mental health issues meant that he was also very isolated. Despite the social hub, he needed more help and support.

Now several months in, he is a more confident person and has been able to overcome his barriers and has become more comfortable in social situations, which he would often struggle with.

Saltbox participant 2

A previous history of substance misuse and a lack of self-confidence has always been an issue for this participant. However, she was willing to seek out help with her self-confidence and then began looking at enrolling onto training courses to bolster her CV.

She already gained a GCSE in Maths and she is now enrolled on a GCSE English course and Health and Safety Level 3 at college. This is all possible due to the positive impact of being on the program and having the support to enroll onto the courses.

Groundwork Participant

Feeling like he was stuck on Universal Credit after losing his job was a depressing situation to be in but when he saw the positive work that was being done with his partner at Groundwork he decided to sign onto the program himself.

Not having the money to pay for qualifications or being able to get onto college courses to better himself he knew the work that Groundwork did and knew they could help him with this.

Completing 1-1 coaching/interview techniques and some CV work clearly paid off as he gained employment due to his new found confidence.

CGL Participant

A young participant who has been in trouble with the police and was introduced to CGL by a Police Officer. He didn’t attend school much and he did not think that he would ever get any qualifications to help him to gain employment which made him feel worthless.

The support and advice he gained from CGL means that he now no longer feels worthless and has some direction in his life. He has completed his GCSE paper tests and 2 online courses with big plans for the future.

SOTC Participant

She found out about the program whilst enquiring with Adult Community Learning after the sad loss of her family member that she had been caring for the last few years. She felt low in confidence, out of the routine of a ‘normal’ job and she was in need of support.

Joining the program with Stoke On Trent Council, she had her heart set on gaining part-time employment. She set about working towards this, looking at what skills were needed for the markets that she wanted to work in.

Job searching advice and assistance in completing CV/Applications has boosted her confidence and she has now been offered a role working in a care home.