World Poetry Day 2021

To celebrate this special day we have asked members of our Creative Writing group to offer a poem to us to display on the website for you to enjoy. We clearly have some exceptionally talented people in this group and three of them, Adam J, Ian B and Mimi L have kindly offered these amazing poems for you to enjoy.

This is a Call and Response Poem by Adam J

Why do the days seem so short,
when the nights are so long?

Why can life be so magical,
when life can be so lonely?

I yearn for my life to have meaning,
I wonder if I will ever be content?

These are 2 Haiku poems from Ian B


Veins of my country,
your blood runs far slower now,
and yet it still runs.

Clay and Flame

Oh city of clay and flame,
your fires lie cold now,
but the world still feels your warmth.

And finally a wonderful poem from Mimi L

Fire Huntress

 She's not russet or copper,
 Orange, red or brown,
 But seemingly all of them at once.
 Her movements dart and change,
 Like a flickering of a fire.
 One moment she is slow, predatory,
 Another and she's racing, chasing. Her hunt has begun.
 Eyes glowing, easily lighting her way,
 Through tall grass and dark woods,
 She always sees, always keep chasing.
 An evening meal caught,
 She heads back home,
 But still remains alert,
 For she has others to care for.
 The snap of a twig makes her stop,
 Makes her look around, her ears twitch,
 This way and that until she sees.
 A human, standing still and watching her,
 Curious and cautious, she head forwards,
 To the bipedal, her hunt still safe in her maw.
 Another noise, not the human,
 Alerts the huntress and with a final look,
 She runs and cannot be seen.
 Her fire fur somehow hidden amongst the hedges,
 Swiftly she runs and soon is home.
 The gentle cries of her cubs reach her ears,
 Soothes her, relaxes her.
 She is home, she is safe,
 Tonight her family feasts,
 On a rabbit that was just too slow...


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