On Benefits? Read this to see if you might be helped by reduced costs for your mobile phone usage

Do you want to be able to use Whats App, Zoom and Facetime for video calls to stay in touch with family and friends? If you have a mobile phone contract this can eat up all your data allowances very quickly and lead to huge phone bills.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With this offer you can make as many calls as you like on your mobile via your BT Basic + service wi-fi connection, use Zoom, Whats App Video and Facetime, visit websites and access online information at no extra cost to your phone bill. As long as you are switched to wi-fi you will be able to do all of the above within the monthly £10.07 payment*.

Connecting Choices have spoken to BT and explained the problem and for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic they have enhanced their BT Basic+ Service to help you have unlimited access for £10.07 a month*! If you are in receipt of benefits you qualify for this amazing service and it will help you to stay in touch with everyone, and, even better, join our Virtual Social Hubs any time without worrying about using all your data.

They have also agreed to make the contract a 30 day one meaning that at any time from Day One of the contract you will be able to end the contract with no penalties in 30 days*

More details below but in addition to this, if you talk to your personal coach on the Connecting Choices project you may also be able to get support with paying the £10.07 each month as well*.

*Always check on the BT website and by speaking with BT that the terms described above still apply – Connecting Choices cannot be responsible for any changes that may be made to the BT contract that was in place at the time of writing this article.

The information below has been copied from the BT website but you should visit the site via this link if you are interested to ensure you are reading the latest information

What do you get with BT Basic + Broadband?

BT Basic + Broadband includes:

  • Broadband Unlimited with average speeds of 10Mbs
  • BT Virus Protect & BT Parental Controls
  • BT Wi-fi, with access to over five million public wireless hotspots in the UK. See our help section for BT Wi-Fi

BT Basic + Broadband costs £10.07 a month. This includes your BT Basic line rental and all the same call benefits included with the landline only version of BT Basic. Find out more about the call benefits here.

You won’t need to pay a connection charge for installing broadband, but there will be a postage and packaging charge for the BT Home Hub router that is needed for the broadband to work.

BT Basic + Broadband provides unlimited broadband data so you won’t have to worry about any excess data charges.


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