Virtual Hub 03/06/2020

Last week’s virtual hub was so busy but clearly everyone was enjoying themselves and it was nice to see some new faces, and lovely to welcome coach Jane Christie from YMCA who accompanied her participant to support her.  How lovely was that?  

We had the draw for topics for this week’s Quiz, we met with the lovely Laura who joined the meeting to discuss with everyone how we might run some music workshops and how to get the funding to do this.  Laura and Val are going to collaborate on taking this forward because of the interest expressed by members.  A great way to help people with anxiety and social isolation to feel part of something and to support their emotional wellbeing.  We are very excited about this.  

We played a few rounds of “Say What you See” which was very popular, and some people were amazingly quick at getting the answers.  Ryan and Ian in particular seemed to be on the same wavelength as whoever designed the questions! 

Then we had a fantastic drawing session with David leading.  It really was very good as people became engrossed, knew that they didn’t have to be good at drawing, but too part and explained what they had done too.  Mindful to begin with, and then a lovely step back in time to remember something that you had treasured as a child and gave you happy memories.  Lots of talking around what these things were and what the happy associations were.  We hope this gave everyone something to reflect on and have had some really positive feedback about the session.

Alice told us all about the Sofa Singers and one or two members are going to try joining them for a sing along.  We agreed that this was a lovely idea and people just come together in Zoom, there is a different song each week, and you mute your mic so that no-one else can hear you and sing along with the co-ordinator.  There is a chance to meet and chat with people afterwards as well.  Great way to sing, which is always good for the soul but without feeling self-conscious, and to meet other people interested in the same things.

Hoping to see everyone plus more at the quiz next week. 


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