Staying Safe from Suicidal Thoughts

Everyone is feeling under pressure at the moment and, for some of us, those pressures can seem unbearable and be overwhelming. Its not always easy to talk to someone who can help you immediately This wonderful resource from 4 Mental Health is something that you may wish to look at to help you manage your feelings and to give you a safety plan.

The information on this site is well thought out and very easy to follow – it will be helpful to you if you are struggling yourself, but also if you are trying to support someone else who is not in a very good place.

Additional Information taken from Staying Safe website: The Staying Safe website is a potentially life-saving resource developed by 4 Mental Health,  with invaluable input from their Expert Reference Group of international academics, people with lived experience (including of surviving a suicide attempt, self-harm, supporting a friend or family member or bereavement by suicide), suicide prevention experts, mental health practitioners, general practitioners, policy makers, public health experts, sector experts, educationalists and concerned citizens. offers compassion, kindness and easy ways to help keep people safer from thoughts of harm and suicide, seek support and discover hope of recovery through powerful videos from people with personal experience.
The website provides vital ‘Safety Plan’ guidance tools jointly funded by NHS England, with easy to print / online templates and guidance video tutorials purposefully designed to help people through the process of writing their own Safety Plan to build hope, identify actions and strategies to resist suicidal thoughts and develop positive ways to cope with stress and emotional distress.
Tragically, suicide takes far too many lives, yet suicide is preventable. Anyone struggling to cope or experiencing deep distress may begin to think about harming themselves and consider suicide as a means to escape their emotional pain. It can be incredibly difficult to think clearly during these times. Everyone is encouraged to PREPARE for possible difficult times ahead BEFORE they happen, by completing a Safety Plan.


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